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My portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Shaelee Craze and I am a Meanjin-based musician. I like to experiment, so you will find a lot of different things here. At the moment, I have been heavily inspired by a variety of sound and audio-visual artists, as well as some indie-folk musicians.

'time goes by' is an original song written, recorded and produced by Giacinta Paisarn and myself. You can find it on all major streaming platforms, or on a street corner in Meanjin somewhere, as Giacinta and I often play it as part of our live set.


'peripheral' is a quadraphonic sound installation conceptualised, composed and constructed by Cass Davies and myself. Cass and I recently ran the installation in the 'J-block walkway', but intend to put it up in a variety of locations, like carparks, stairwells and galleries (one day).


'introspection' is an audio-visual work I created as part of an experimental rampage. It is intended as a full-wall projection, and was programmed using Touchdesigner. I composed this piece so as to further explore the world of audio-reactive multi-media content. 

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