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"Do Not Disturb"

Do Not Disturb is a Sensory Engagement Room that explores mindfulness and captivation through a unique audio-visual experience. Devised and curated by a team of transdisciplinary artists (Isabella Wright, Claire Whiting, Oliver Stone, and Shaelee Craze), the installation uses a combination of kaleidoscopic visuals and ambient sound to promote curiosity and relaxation, creating a meditative space designed to stimulate your senses. The installation premiered at the Queensland Museum's "Legacy of Time" exhibition in 2023.



peripheral is a quadraphonic sound installation designed to create a captivating transitory space that challenges the liminal and inspires inquisition. Conceptualised, curated, and composed by Cassidy Davies and Shaelee Craze, the installation compiles the mundane aural aspects of life with more obscure, foreign sounds to create a very curious juxtapoisiton. The installation premiered at QUT Kelvin Grove in 2023.

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 8.19.02 pm.png


"Intimacy of Touch"

Intimacy of Touch is an audio-visual performance piece exploring the role touch plays in the formation of human relationships. Both choreographically and compositionally, this piece explores tactility from an aural perspective, embodying sound through movement and touch. This piece was conceptualised by all, choreographed and performaned by Rachelle Evans, Angelina Tobi, Josh Richardson, and Tahlia Perdede, and composed by Shaelee Craze. The work premiered at the Queensland Museum's "Legacy of Time" exhibition in 2023 and was again performed at the QUT Creative Industries 2023 Open Day.

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